MEECHIE A/K/A BLOA (pronounced blow) born, Dimetriaus Peterson, in Houston, Texas, and raised in Third Ward and N.E. Houston areas where he attended C.E. King High School in Sheldon I.S.D.

In the late 80’s Meechie began rap battling and free-style rapping with his brother, Lil Joe. In April, 1998, he formed Str8Lace Entertainment, and in November, 1999, he formed Str8Lace Recordings, Inc.

In 2000, Meechie released his first album called “M.O.B. My N.I.G.S.” with songs like Out Shine Ya feat. T.C. from New Orleans, MOB My NIGS, Livin In Vain, Full Metal Jacket, and Sista Sista which was dedicated to all the strong mothers, wives and daughters that stand behind their husbands, sons and brothers through all of their trials and tribulations. The song was an inspiration and Meechie quotes “from my perspective as a young Black man, we go through a lot of things in life, to have a woman be there with you, to help you endure the pain, shame and suffering,. . . my real inspiration came from my mom. . .the song was written from the heart. . .  ”

In January, 2003, Meechie released his second album called, “The City Is Mine.” The album released songs such as The City Is Mine, At The Club feat. Stephen of Seville, Black Butterfly, feat. Chocolat, Who Dat, feat. the late K-Ruger, Money Make the World Go Round feat. Denia, Lock Da Block Down feat. Sincere and Stephen and Move Around feat. Lil Flip were produced by H-Town producer, Joe Traxx.  Get Crunk, feat. A1 and Stephen and The Type of Bitch I Need were produced by super producer, Jermaine Sanders (produced Teddy Riley), and Meech Man was produced by super producer, J. Sinnista (producer for West Coast rapper, Too Short).

In November, 2004, Meechie and Titus (K-Rugers brother owner of Southern Heat Management) took artist, K-Ruger (born Alfredrick Williams) all the way to the top.  K-Ruger was recognized when Jay-Z signed him as his first artist under (STR8LACE/DEF JAM), after he became President of Def Jam Records.  Jay-Z stated that “K-Ruger is like a breath of fresh air and exactly what the rap game needed. . .”  When K-Ruger signed with Def Jam this was a major accomplishment for Str8Lace Records, finally being recognized in the entertainment industry as a player.  However, this accomplishment was short-lived, secondary to the fateful Monday,